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Tips For Applicants



  • Weight limit on check-in luggage is 20 kilos. Overweight luggage can cost up to USD 20 per kilo. Make sure you have packed and locked your suitcase yourself to avoid other people putting dangerous or prohibited items in your bag. Combination locks are the best to use.
  • Do not accept "padala" from anyone, even people you know. You might be carrying dangerous or banned items that could get you in trouble.


  • You are allowed up to 7 kilos of hand-carried luggage which you can bring with you on the cabin, in addition to the 20 kilos check-in luggage. In your hand-carry we suggest you bring the following : extra shirt, change of underwear, toothbrush, toothpaste & other small personal toiletries, and important medicines you might need during your flight.
  • If you are carrying something bulky like a sweater it would be best to wear it so that it will not add to the total weight.


  • It is best to carry your cash in US dollars as it is the preferred currency abroad. You can also exchange Philippine pesos with authorized money changers abroad but you will not get a favorable rate.
  • DO NOT put cash in your luggage as it could get stolen. Carry your cash with you at all times, but keep it in a safe place like a neck pouch or a money belt.


  • Keep your passport in a safe place always, preferably close to your body like in a neck pouch or a money belt. Your passport will serve as your identification while abroad.


  • Most food items are banned from being brought into other countries, and most especially into New Zealand. Even food served on the plane if uneaten, must be LEFT BEHIND on the plane.
  • Banned items include wet food items like tapa, tocino and processed meat items like chicharon, tocino, sausages, etc. Any wooden items or items containing seeds like ethnic bracelets may also be confiscated by customs.

New Zealand Customs Law

Take note that items banned from being brought into New Zealand include the following:

  1. Shells and products made from shells
  2. Food products and food made from animal products, example "Chicharon"
  3. Food products like honey or anything containing biological matter like nuts or seeds. bawal ang butong pakwan!
  4. Products made from straw or untreated wood


  • Other items banned from the plane include weapons like knives, balisong, bullets (unexploded or live), guns, lighter fluid, anything containing mercury, gasoline, or flammable materials.
  • Bringing in of pirated DVD’s and CD’s, pornographic material, drugs and drug paraphernalia will get you into trouble.


  • You may bring in some of these items for personal consumption, but we strongly recommend that you DECLARE them to the customs officer: Up to one ream of cigarettes per person and up to 1 liter of alcohol per person


  • On the plane you will be served meals and drinks. All of these are for free, they are part of your ticket price. If you would like to something to drink, just ask a cabin attendant. It is always helpful to drink a lot of water as cabin air is very dry and you need to re-hydrate yourself always. Water is available on the flight.
When in doubt, declare! If an item you are carrying is banned, they will simply ask you to throw it away or customs will confiscate it. If you are caught trying to bring a banned item into the country, you may either be fined, the item confiscated, or you could get deported and your visa cancelled.


  • Bring with you on your carry-on luggage your important documents. If you are on a work visa, bring your OEC, copy of contract and other work-related documents. Students must hand-carry their school final offer of place, copy of tuition fees receipt, etc. In case you are asked by immigration agents what your purpose is for entering the country, you can use your documents to support the reason for which you are entering the country.


  • It is best to bring just enough toiletries & medicines for personal consumption. You can bring several “banigs” of non-prescription medicines like Paracetamol, Imodium, Alaxan, as it can be difficult to buy medicine in a foreign country without a doctor’s prescription. Make sure the quantity you bring is just enough for your personal consumption.


  • If calling to the Philippines, dial 00 and the country code 63, and the area code of the city. Example: To call Uniwide office from abroad : 00-63-2-817-3627
  • If calling a Philippine mobile, omit the area code. Just dial the mobile number but omit the “0” Example : 00-63-917-123-4567



  1. Pass thru security check at the entrance, show your ticket and passport to the guard at the entrance.
  2. Put baggage thru x-ray, including all carry on. Watch your bags at all times!
  3. Look for the check-in counter that indicates your flight number / destination. Show your ticket and passport.
  4. Make sure your luggage is locked before submitting it for check-in. Check that the accompanying tags are correct.
    Note : Applicants departing for Israel must leave their bags unlocked.
  5. You will be given your passport, ticket and boarding pass. If you are transferring flights in another country, you may be given more than one boarding pass. The boarding pass will indicate your seat number and boarding gate number.
  6. Pay the P750.00 terminal fee.
  7. Line up at the immigration counter. Show your passport, boarding pass and ticket. Your passport will be stamped and returned to you. Please double check everything.
  8. Go to your boarding gate number. You may wait there. The number is listed on your boarding pass.
  9. To board your flight, use your boarding pass. Your seat number is indicated on it.


If you are transferring flights in an airport that is NOT your final destination, you are considered a TRANSIT passenger.

  1. Immediately after landing, go towards the direction of the transit terminal. You may have to pass through a security check. Once cleared,
  2. You do not have to pass through immigration and you do not have to claim your baggage.
  3. Check the monitors around the airport which will announce the gate number of your next flight. Try to locate your gate and be at the waiting lounge one hour before your flight.
  4. DO NOT Leave the airport, do not wander far from your assigned gate.
  5. Boarding will be 1 hr before your flight, so it is best to wait near your assigned gate.
  6. Use the 2nd boarding pass for the 2nd leg of your flight.


  1. Immediately ask for assistance from any of the airline ground staff. It will be the responsibility of the carrier to get you on the next best available flight. As soon as you have confirmed which flight you will be on, please call / text your contact person to inform her of the change in your flight schedule. Also text Uniwide at __________________ so we can likewise follow through with informing your fetcher.
  2. Give all your new flight details. This is important para di kayo magkasalisi ng magsusundo sa iyo. Find out the new expected time of arrival.
  3. Do not panic. You have all the contact details necessary in your country of arrival. When in doubt, ask / clarify.


  1. After disembarkation, proceed to the immigration counter.
  2. Show your ticket, arrival card, and passport. You might be asked how long you intend to stay, your answer should be consistent with the duration of your work visa or student visa. If you need to show proof, show your relevant documents.
  3. Your passport will then be stamped.
  4. After immigration, proceed to claim your baggage. Look for the carousel that shows your origin flight number / city of origin.
  5. To be sure that you are not bringing anything banned into the country and to avoid fines or payment of fees, pass through the customs lane that says "SOMETHING TO DECLARE" and ask a customs officer to check your items. You will be the one to open your own bags and show them the items that you are not sure about.
  6. Proceed to the arrival area and wait for the person assigned to wait for you.

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